Delser Verona

Verona, located at a cross road of strategic importance since Roman times, it has a history that is visible in the squares, streets and monuments. During the reign of Augustus the very great importance of the city as a link with northern Europe, he allowed the construction of the Via Claudia Augusta, that from Ostiglia led up to the Brenner pass and then in Austria. However, it was with the Emperor Vespasian that the city reached the peak of wealth and splendor: the last great work in the first century was the Arena amphitheater designed for recreation of the inhabitants, at that time were already more than twenty-five thousand.

It is in this city that Dante, the "divine poet", draws up the first half of the "Paradise", host of Can Grande della Scala, and it is also where Shakespeare set his "Romeo and Juliet". Verona, a UNESCO "World Heritage Site" for its urban structure and architecture contained therein, will welcome you with the Arena lyrical season or the summer theater, and it will give you wonderful days on his hills and unforgettable evenings in the old town so rich in culture and tradition, but also give you fun and good food.