Delser Verona

The property of Saint Dionisi has been very well known since the Roman times: here in fact some tombstones that belonged to Roman centurions and the remnants of an ancient roman aqueduct, dug by hand out of the rocky-earth, were found in more recent times. King Pipino gifted the property of Saint Dionisi to Saint Zeno Abbey in 807 AD. Inside the Benedictine monastery of Sait Dionisi there was a small library, magnificent because of its wooden-carved shelves and of its precious manuscripts on parchment paper. All were lost in 1630 CE.

In 1773 CE the entire property was bought by the Earl Erbisti and the all ancient buildings, except a little church, were converted into a Palladian Villa, a private museum, orange groves, stables, an amphitheatre, a lake with a grotto and a big water-tank. The latter, on the top of a hill dug by-hand from the rocky-earth, with round-arched brick-made interiors looks like those water-tanks (Castellum Aquae) built during roman times.
This ancient Castellum Aquae has been recentely converted by the Delser owner into a Residence for Hospitality.