Delser Verona

The Farm Delser is located in the City of Verona, and then in DOC Valpolicella, the vineyards are planted on terraces facing south west. The company is characterized by two types of land, the clay that brings fullness to the wine, where grown Corvina variety and the highly sandy that gives elegance to the wine where grown Rondinella. The organic matter in both soils is 2.5% and the pH is 7.3% with very high carbonates, planting density is 6000 vines / hectare, the training system is Guyot, the defense of the plants is made with biological method and bio certified products, but we do not use the certification, as it is our business philosophy that respects the environment and not as a marketing operation.

Our facility has always been sensitive to the environment, in fact, following the directions of the Kyoto Protocol, it is equipped with "solar collection systems" using photovoltaic technology powering all energy activity, eliminating the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In close contact with nature, in an environment of incomparable beauty, from the vines and olive trees from those which are cultivated here since Roman times, we get the oil and the wine, unique in that becouse they are characterized by the smells and by those flavors that only our land can give them.